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About Rhino Merchant

About Rhino Merchant

Our Mission

To empower healthcare providers with innovative payment solutions, driving growth and enhancing patient experiences.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower our clients within the medical industry by significantly reducing their financial outlay on processing fees, while providing them with accessible capital to finance strategic activities that drive business growth and advance patient care.

How We Got Started

An Unwillingness to Compromise

In the context of the Wachovia and Wells Fargo merger ten years prior, we took the lead in rejuvenating the bank’s struggling Merchant Partnership program, acting as innovators in the process. Recognizing the constraints and opposing priorities that were encumbering the company, we embraced the entrepreneurial mindset of our clients. This led us to establish Rhino Merchant Services, mirroring our customers’ spirit, and offering inventive services and solutions aimed at assisting business proprietors in reducing the excessive fees imposed by outdated merchant processors..

Solutions Designed for Business Owners

Recognizing the insufficiency of generic payment systems offered by major banks that failed to serve businesses’ best interests, we saw merchants ensnared in technology and agreements favoring providers, rather than meeting their needs. This sparked our inquiry: Where does the business owner find value? How does this nurture a true partnership?

Our frustration fueled our quest for a better way, leading to the creation of a distinctive platform meticulously crafted for business proprietors. In a short time, we developed an innovative solution, enabling merchants, particularly in the B2B sector, to cut up to 99% of processing costs, preserving profits where they truly belong – in their hands.